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Pony in a Box
pridal dogyno 4.1. 2013 o 13:13

It was an unusually dark night in Ponyville. Eaven pegasus ponies had to come down to the ground because of the wind and storm clouds brewing over their heads. Rainbow eaven went and asked Twilight about it, but she regretted her choice right as miss Sparkle began her lecture about storms like these...

Meanwhile at the edge of town, in a little cottage one fillie was trying to put all the animals into some form of shelter. Eaven the bears had parasols. And as first thunder struck she ran home. There. In her cottage. She realised, that one animal was missing. Angel, her pet bunny. In stress she looked all arround her home, but not her, and none of the creatures coud hind him. Some of the braver animmals offered to go and look for him. Like Johnny the snail, or George the turtle, but she had to order them to stay put and aggainst her fears, she grabbed a raincoat and went out into the woods.

Soft rain was already faling on her coat and hat, as she saw the Apple familly securing the farm for the storm. She coud ask them to help her look, but she said to her self:

„No, Fluttershy, you made bunny Angel run away by not giving him enough attention, you will have to look for him your self.”

The storm was bringing down something awful. Thunder and lightning scared her so mutch that each time it struck she jumped and sqeaked. Taking away her ability to walk for a while. She just prayed in her head that she will find Angel before she will get fully paralyzed by fear.

Her hoofs ware dirty from mud up to her knees as she reached the edge of Everfree forest. Here the trees ware thicker and scarier so the rain was not pouring down so mutch. Fluttershy took a deep breath and blew her main out of her eyes. It was hopeless. And just as she was about to turn to go home, she noticed a cardboard box. Puzzled she took a curious step torwards it. As she got closer, she could hear noises from under the box, like if someone was eating something. A picture or a terrifying monster gnawing on Angels bones flashed through her mind. She was standing right in front of it, too scared to flip it over. So she bent down to look inside true a hole.

As her eyes met with eyes inside she froze. Two angry dark eyes ware looking at her. She had to find the courage to speak. How did Rainbow tell her to do it? Take a deep breath and believe in your self. She did so and spoke in a trembling voice, so soft you could barely hear it thru the rain.

“Hello? ...uhm, is anyone in there?”

From under the box came a rough voice befitting nearly a dragon.

“Meow, meow, meow...”

Fluttershy terrified at the thought of leaving a poor and yet grumpy kitty behind in a rain like this, pushed her head under the box saying:

“Oh, don't worry little kit...”

Her voice froze in an instant as she saw what was really under the box. In this suprise a giant exclamation mark appeared over her head and knocked the cardboard box away. The creature had two arms and two legs just like a dragon, but it had no scales and its face looked different. It had sort of a main, but it covered most of the top of its head and a beard like some of the stallions wore. It wore some kind of strange dress with lots of pockets and a belt. And to top it of on its forehead rested a bandana tied around its head.

Now there was a strange creature sitting in front of her. It quickly got up, took a long black item into its hands and pointed it at her head, as the device made cold and scary locking noise.


Sad the creature. Fluttershy, shaking in fear said:

“I... I... I... ...uhm... can't.”

And she ducked down covering her head.

“Don't move!”

She froze in an instant. Fighting back the tears of fear as the creature, left hold of the device in its hands with one of its hands. Then he took two fingers of this arm and positioned them just under his left ear.

Comunications codec opened up, phone rang and a similar creature on the other side answered the call. It had no beard or a bandana, but it wore glasses.

“Otacon, you'r not gonna believe me.”
“What's the matter Snake?”

Asked the creature who answered.

“I just met a talking pony.”
“A talking pony!”
“Don't yell at me, I'm not deaf.”
“So, how does this pony look like?”
“Ehm... Its yellow, got a pink main and a tail... And its wearing a raincoat.”
“A raincoat?”
“Its raining... that's the least weirdest thing about this!”
“Yeah, sure... Snake, was she frightened by you?”
“So, that must be Fluttershy!”
“A fluttershy?”
“No, she is a pegasus pony, or a filly if you want, called Fluttershy.”
“Wait, since when are you an expert on horses? And, shoudn't pegasuses have wings or something?”
“I am not. She is a character from My little pony: Friendship is magic.”
“And the wings?”
“Probably under the coat.”
“So, I am in one of your animes?”
“That is highly improbable. But give me a call if you meet Twilight Sparkle.”
“Twilight... Sparkle?”
“She is my favorite.”

“I just hope she is not a gay vampire.”

“No, she is a purple unicorn.”
“Just... just... OK.”

Frustrated, Snake shut off the codec and sighed out loud. Put safety back on and holstered his gun. Suddenly his codec rang.

“This is Snake.”

It was Otacon again.

“Oh and Snake, be sure to be gentle with her. Fluttershy is very shy and sensitive.”

“Sure, whatever.”

“SNAKE! Don't you dare make her cry!”

He just shut Otacon off. Knelt down beside Fluttershy and said:


She screamed and ran away in tears. Snake wanted to smile to him self, but Game Over screen appeared and Otacon yelled at him, because he made Fluttershy cry. Snake sighed again and pressed Continue.

Suddenly Snake sneezed and woke up. He was lying on his bed and was sick as a dog. Otacon walked into the room with a tray.

“Hey, you'r up. It's time for your medicine and I made you some tea.”


“Yes, Snake?”

“I... am never watching one of your damn cartoons again.”

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