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Red Moon Bear as Stranger
pridal dogyno 2.9. 2010 o 15:25

You: hello
Stranger: hi
You: you dont have a picture
You: or a frame :D
Stranger: where u from?
You: Im from slovakia and you?
Stranger: usa
Stranger: chicago
You: you a gangster? :D
Stranger: slovakia
Stranger: where is that at?
You: middle of Europe... get a map, or look at google :D
Stranger: got it
Stranger: nice
Stranger: < fast
Stranger: how are things in slavakia?
You: well in some time you shoud be able to look at the streets soon, google street photos are coming :D
Stranger: oh no they are doing that there to?
You: oh, its fine... thou had some psycho shooting people
You: this week on tuesday
Stranger: they did that here, and stole a bunch of wifi data in the usa
You: eaven cnn had some news about it
Stranger: ya the cnn you get there is not what we get in the usa
You: so they have multiple chanels?
Stranger: cnn has like 8 programs they target out to 8 arieas
You: wow.. thats a BIG company :D
Stranger: well ya..
Stranger: cnn is huge
Stranger: that is my blog
Stranger: i posted
You: oh, so you are into journalism?
Stranger: as a nessesity
You: well I might study it this year on university, If they will take me
Stranger: do oit
Stranger: do it
Stranger: and start a blog
You: well I allready have a few blogs
Stranger: i have 50 and i am extremly powerfull
You: but not on my own domain :D
Stranger: awsume what are they
You: well I can send you links, but they are moastly in slovak
Stranger: you are in the former soviet republic correct?
Stranger: that i ok i may be able to translate it
You: only a few of poems are in english
You: well we ware its part
Stranger: ok use your free speach
Stranger: dont loose it
You: same as we ware part of Nazi germany a satelite
Stranger: we had a few close calls here in the usa
You: excuse me?
You: close calls at what?
Stranger: about 2 years ago the gov tried to kill all the bloggers in the usa
Stranger: it didnt go so well for them
Stranger: (Grin!)
You: omg... that suxs
Stranger: spirit is stronger than armies
You: I dint know about that....
You: yeah thats an old saying and its true
Stranger: very true
Stranger: it was the strangest 3 hours i have ever seen
You: unles armies start dropping A bombs
Stranger: been throught that once to..
Stranger: catch the time before it happens and you controle the future
Stranger: it is a quantum spirtual thing
You: dont worry, Im a studied Animator :D
Stranger: Awsume!!!
Stranger: then yuou know!!
You: and I have to be ready for IT, whaever IT is
You: :D
Stranger: well we are heading for a big one
Stranger: the target is the bankers
Stranger: only 8 guys rule the world
Stranger: the rest are there slaves
You: well that has allways been the case
Stranger: not for much longer
You: and my other blog:
You: but they might rule the politics, they might rule the shops, but your mind isnt that easy to break, so dont worry
Stranger: i have about 50 blogs i only maintain like 3 of them.. but fire up the others if i ever need to get a message out
Stranger: the youngest of the 8 guys is 84 the oldes it 98..
Stranger: we have a chance
Stranger: push the right energy in the right direction we can move mountans it the right time
You: :D and you know who they are?
Stranger: rocefeller, rothchild, hurst, pebody, a few others.
Stranger: do you know about energy to earth center?
You: yeah, and now imagine, that you fail
You: what will happen then?
Stranger: a time collapse
You: half of world population if not more will die, because of you...
You: and Im talkin planetary scale
Stranger: oh dont look at it in such finite details
You: but you have to look at it like that
Stranger: of cource you do..
Stranger: howerver look at time..
Stranger: at ever space and time there is time
Stranger: you can save time where it is at
Stranger: and you can go back in time to where you were it is just a thought
You: if those old dudes close of all of energy to world, we are moastly fucked
Stranger: the right design will get you everywere
You: but you dont have an time mashine
Stranger: lol
Stranger: we all have a time machine
You: yeah sure
You: and Im the one thas not on drugs :D
Stranger: lol
You: or santa :D
Stranger: ok it is very simple
You: fuck yeah Im Jesus
Stranger: thought is energy..
You: yes
Stranger: energy is what? energy is matter
Stranger: with the right designs you can make anything happen
You: ewrything is energy
Stranger: correct
You: you are energy we call it a soul
Stranger: the universe is energy, and if the universe is energy and time is also energy, wich is thought
You: yes, but lets talk real and not in astral world :)
Stranger: so simple.. back up everything you do before you do it like you do with a computer, if all hell breaks out restore to prior time
Stranger: i have done this stuff before..
You: your body cant take more than a fall from 50 meters
Stranger: then dont fall from 50 meters
You: or too cold night will get you ill
You: same as too warm day will make you sick
Stranger: do you know that there are 6 points in time to navigate
You: I dont care, think real for a second, ok?
Stranger: ok
You: say if you will loose me
You: You are bunch of guys whit computers
You: right?
Stranger: right
Stranger: we dont exactly need computers to do this stuff
You: and you want to take down old guys whit whole goverments and armies to their command, right
Stranger: ok, remember these 8 guys are bankers...
You: I know, but wait
Stranger: they own the world currencies, they are above all governments
You: yeah, i know... but they can control them by suplies of enegy and matterials
You: but
You: have you
You: as a person
You: ewer had control about somebody? have you ever comanded some group of people?
Stranger: yes..
Stranger: in very large scale without ever even being there
You: and what do you remember about it?
Stranger: they did exactly what was needed at the time
You: yes... at the time... but after, or before, there is allways someone to have their own way, their say... and there is allways someone who will panic
Stranger: remember there are assended masters who are here on earth now, you are one of them
You: think man
Stranger: i am aware of your questions..
Stranger: and they will definatly be answered before anything happens
Stranger: and backups will be made
You: If one, just one of the guys be it you, rockefeller dudes, or army, or just some stupid kid... will throw a rock, shout, or shoot a gun
You: you have a civilian war on your hands
Stranger: most of these old guys will die of natural causes, or some sort of act of god thing will happen to them
You: the gowerments will be blamed, but you will 4ewer go to bed whit that feeling of guilt
Stranger: i have done much worse, than that..
You: and I doubt, that those people dont have children, od..
Stranger: and yes i did feel bad about it
You: 8w
Stranger: k
You: sry, had a call
Stranger: that is ok
Stranger: so u get what i am saying
You: so naturaly, to bring down a ruler families... you woud have to kill them
You: yes
You: your a revolutionar
Stranger: well you can go even more exotic
You: but... what will that get you
Stranger: like remove them forever from time and space from creation start
You: have you ewer read Dune?
You: for example
Stranger: it all depends on what humans need to learn for there evolution
You: no, Im not talking abou evolution, Im talking about your precious space-time continioulity
Stranger: right
You: I throw a paper in a thrash can and I change it
Stranger: well calculations are being done even now to equate that problem of there complete removal from all existance
You: because that one little old paper can be the one that coud have stoped my bleeding or anything...
You: and how about alternative universes being created?
Stranger: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: you have the next idea
You: have you ever reached out?
Stranger: i am working on that one..
You: have you touched dreams?
Stranger: yes
You: but not in your sleep?
Stranger: correct'
Stranger: you and i dont know each other but however we do on a spiritual level
You: and you know that you can fortold your future by that? Its not clear and you can see what will happen to you and only you
You: yeah you coud say that
Stranger: where you are at is a critical ariea
Stranger: you live where you are at now all your life?
You: nope
You: I dont have to be
Stranger: ok
Stranger: i am at a center vortex of 5 points largest one on earth
You: If Im aware of my actions and slip into alpha, I can see what have I done...
Stranger: this is the place where all the very strange stuff happens
You: just one question, do you believe?
Stranger: i never have any doubt
You: and what do you believe in?
Stranger: i beleave that there is a creator of everything that is here on earth now
You: and do you believe that this creator is here, watching ower us and shaping our fate?
Stranger: umm yes and no..
You: please be specific :)
Stranger: ok, creator gave us all free will
Stranger: the creator never wants to take that away from anyone because it is for the creator to learn about who he is
You: yeah, so basicaly like the old cristianity, right?
Stranger: umm not really
You: but he gave rules, and if you want to get back to him, you will follow them, but you dont have to
Stranger: right
You: (and suffer for ewa...)
Stranger: but even if you dont follow them you will still be in the same box
Stranger: or same sphere
You: ok, but thats not my point
You: so, do you follow these rules?
Stranger: is there one religon over another that stands better in gods eyes.
Stranger: ?
You: nope, why woudnt there be more ways to get back to him?
Stranger: ok, you understand me
You: yes I do
Stranger: you remember your past lifes?
You: nope, but I offten feel werry old
You: that means I have failed
Stranger: lol you have not failed
Stranger: if you made it to this point you are doing pretty good
You: why not? I got a redo a restart... if you win, you go to another level, be it heaven, hell, or nirvana... i dont care for its name
Stranger: your past lifes are many times removed from your present life because many people will carry over old circles with them.
You: well I dont think about it much
Stranger: if it is nessasary for you to know you will remember them..
Stranger: i remember all of mine and it was not easy
Stranger: i have moved past that point.
You: but can you please tell me, If you are a pious person
Stranger: yes
You: and you have no trouble accepting gods rules I presume :D
Stranger: i am a light being as you are
You: so why do you want to bring down energy empire of some old guys?
You: they only control the price of things
Stranger: simple, we have a better system
You: and slow down our tech
You: but they dont control your life
You: while mozes does
Stranger: they controle more than you think in the usa, where you are at they have very little controle
Stranger: you are very lucky to live where you are at
Stranger: try doing this..
You: yeah I know, I have seen some of your CNN when they called a guy who changed his
You: what you call it?
You: when you change your loyality to another state?
You: citizenship?
Stranger: relax, clear your mind of all words, puch white light energy to ground, and listen to some good techno music.. and you will see more..
Stranger: i am loyal to no state
Stranger: or government
You: so, he moved to slovakia and accepted our citizenship and they ware calling him a traitor, not openly, but in the context
You: I dont like techno...
Stranger: what do you like?
You: rock and metal, the freeest music there is :D
Stranger: try listening to any music that has no words in it
You: and what if I love those lyrics?
Stranger: preferibly something that you feel emotions to
Stranger: what ever works for you
Stranger: Nice!!!!!!!!!!
You: yeah I like that kind of music
Stranger: you just did a time warp with the phone when you hung up
You: eyah... sure
Stranger: you did not notice it
You: I know idont notice those things
Stranger: it was a perfect 90 degrees
You: sry, but Im not that big fan of it :D... but thx :)
Stranger: now you know i am for real..
Stranger: no not that band thing.. lol
Stranger: you did a small T
Stranger: 90 % ark
Stranger: things i look for with energy patterns with people
You: so you woudnt mind I woud post this conversation to my blogs?
Stranger: go for it
You: thanx
Stranger: you can say i am crazy or somthing lol
You: because this si the moast creative thing I have done in weeks :D
You: why woud I say that?
You: you like a teory... well maybe a bit too much, but who does not like something that much that he can talk about it for hours?
Stranger: cause it is a bit out there, however on a quantum side of things you can vibrate planets and star systems to any place with the right harmonic convergence of time space and energy
Stranger: btw, i do not read any science fiction
Stranger: reality is insane enough
You: well I like sci-fi
You: because reality is insane and I need to run away from it, to a much darker and fucked up place :D
Stranger: true
Stranger: hey when you post this, put a tag line in "Red Moon Bear"
Stranger: you will get some hits from that
You: but I can recomend you a book you woud like, yes it is sci-fi, but dont think about it like that
You: sure will :)
You: its a story, but author thinks about the same things as you
Stranger: remember energy to ground, the rest will come to you
Stranger: and also there are 1000's of us out there all over the earth
Stranger: i am very simular to others you know, and you are simular to people i know
You: and actualy comes to a solution of how to control and keep up an empire
Stranger: or people i will meet soon
You: you coud say that
You: But I asure you
You: I am nothing like the others :D
Stranger: who are the others?
You: all of you
You: people who think, who will try to convince you
Stranger: what a nasty group.. lol
You: or eaven people who dont think at all
You: people who love and hate
You: ewerybody... nobody... and somebody at the same time
You: its all just a way of how you look at it
Stranger: very good point
Stranger: there are some new things that i am still trying to figure out
You: we are here, we got some rules and nobody gives a fuck
You: for example?
Stranger: met a girl simular to myself
Stranger: quite younger than i am
Stranger: eary 20's
Stranger: she can do allot that i can do
You: and you are how old?
Stranger: however she lies and manipulates others for her own personal gain
You: and you dont?
Stranger: i stand guilty
Stranger: we all do
Stranger: question is we are diametracally apposed to each other
Stranger: we hate each other
You: and?
Stranger: is that a soul mate?
You: so, you like her and you argue all the time?
Stranger: we are not togeter anymore
Stranger: phisically..
You: well I had a girl, and I loved her... but she left me... and there was nothing I coud do, she has changed, as we all do, we change... but I cant say she is not my frend anymore
You: I dont love her anymore, but I care about her
Stranger: i left her
You: so yes... she is your soul mate, if it means that you have something to talk about
You: and you care about each other
Stranger: i have had many relationships in the past however not to many where when we get into a shouting mach we can actuall shake the house with our anger. It was pretty cool though
You: ... somebody told me, that love is a buetiful thing... but dont forget, taht love hurts
You: I know its clishe
Stranger: she is a voice in my head i have heard for years, i always thought it was something else untill we met
Stranger: well she is the only woman who has ever made me feel antything but numbness
You: but there is nothing else you can tell about these things
You: :D
You: I met a girl like that onece
You: I call her my muse
Stranger: muse..
You: she hates me, for trying to get her out and then trying to kill my self when she said no
You: but she is there
You: and allway will be
You: maybe things woud have been diferent If I woudnt be in the same class as she was :D
Stranger: you are 22?
You: nope Im 19
Stranger: ah ok
Stranger: i am 45
Stranger: she is 21
You: but If you dont come back to her, she will not... because you left her and she has her own dignity and stuff that will keep her away
Stranger: she will come back to me i think
You: This reminds me, you told me about music whit no lyrics, but at times like theese, I find comfort in them
Stranger: i am open to change
You: shows me, that those things I feel are not that strange :D
Stranger: you are quite normal
Stranger: so you think she will not come to me
You: Im not gonna convert you to heavy metal, but a song whit buetifull lyrics is the right ting for me
You: I dont know her and as you cant say something about someone you dont know, you cant eaven guess
Stranger: true
Stranger: all i know is what she has shown me
Stranger: she can litereally walk across space and time into other places
Stranger: i am not joiking
You: that is a definition of a muse for me :D
You: I musst thank you
Stranger: she poped open a wall and almost went through it, i blocked it cause there was a fewthings i was not certin on..
You: you have brought mine back to me
You: we all have wals
You: and same as we all are just bricks in the wall of people aroun us
Stranger: ya kinda like that but diffrent
Stranger: lets just say that when we are together, we can flip traffic lights
Stranger: to green all the time
Stranger: it is pretty neat
You: yeah I know that feeling :)
Stranger: you ever meet a girl like that?
You: must be a lot of accidents around :D
You: yes
You: too bad that she did not enyoj beeing the middle of atention that much as I did
Stranger: cool
Stranger: oh she loves attention
You: I can tell that you to :D
Stranger: the entire world circles around her
Stranger: she is just young, i was simular wen i was younger
You: heh, I bet you both like to bream
Stranger: bream?
You: *dream
Stranger: oh ya..
Stranger: she is very strange she does not sleep a normal cycle
Stranger: i go into a deep sleep, however while i am awake i can dream while awake
Stranger: and do stuff that otheres do only at night
You: thats good for you
You: Im bit of a surrealists, so Im interested into things like Dreams and Freud
Stranger: what i dont understand is that i have never met anyone who can do the same
Stranger: i am into quantum mechanics..
Stranger: and shamenism
You: well count your sefl lucky, this way you can feel more special :)
Stranger: lol
Stranger: i just take deep well calculated risks go get desired results
You: and not manny people whit natural talent and pacience for these things are interested... moast of the natural talents live just normal lives... not eaven thinking about stuff like this
You: and yes
You: people dont like risks :D
Stranger: i take giant risks with giant payoffs..
Stranger: so far they have all worked
You: onece more... luck, Im too pesimistic to take risks like that
Stranger: i dont not expect anyone to take the risks i have taken in this lifetime..
You: but allso radical, so when it woud seem like the best option I woud do it
Stranger: i should be dead many times over
You: and what was your biggest risk?
Stranger: about a year ago i was driving out in the country at about 65 mph
Stranger: hit a T cross road that dumped out into a field say about 90 feet down.
Stranger: I split time there and jumped to the other road..
Stranger: and reasembled space time
Stranger: told my friend about what happend..
You: and dont you find it a stupid thing to do?
Stranger: he went back the next day to the cross road, and saw the bumper to my car three in the field..
Stranger: no my car was fine...
You: coudnt you just take the normal road?
Stranger: i asked him why didnt he pick that up, he was like FUCK NO!!!
Stranger: lol
Stranger: oh i set up this test to strip my ego with the phisical
Stranger: it worked
Stranger: in a big way
You: so jumping down from cliffs in cars can make you jump space-time? :D
Stranger: lol
Stranger: not exactly
Stranger: i did a cross over horizontal time wave with a virticle time wave with an over flow split
Stranger: much more in volved but it worked out well
Stranger: reasembly of matter particles was the most awsume thing i will ever feel in my life
Stranger: but i dont want to really try that one again
You: ok, but you hit those things at the edge of the road before you coud fall into another time flow... so how did you manage to put it together just fine?
Stranger: i built up time over lays for about 4 weeks prior to the event from hapening
Stranger: think of it as a layerd cake of time
Stranger: compressed
You: yeah, go on
Stranger: now remember i can only explain part of it since i am in a diffrent time now. 90% of me is back somewhere out there gone
You: I dont mind
You: put it simply
Stranger: basically you come to an ariea that is extremly important for you to do some massive calculations and you just do it
Stranger: visualise the energy patterns to what you need to do and you are there
Stranger: it is about that simple
You: ok, I can picture it
Stranger: the universe is a series of T or time that is 33.333 degrees off from the other one
You: so you are telling me, that you have teleported whit no problem, while project Manhatan had people fused whit the ship and except 2 people all did die... and captein is missing
You: you and your whole car
You: and nothing did go wrong
Stranger: with the right thought energy pattern you can do anything..
Stranger: you want my email?
You: If you want mine just ask, but how did that teleportation happen?
You: was there a flash of light?
Stranger: it was rather simple
Stranger: oh ya.. big flash of light !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: and a huge line from north to south
You: or did ewrything broke into atoms and putted together in another place?
Stranger: both happend
You: where did the light come from?
Stranger: charged particles
Stranger: created the light in a full spectrum of energy
You: so all started glowing?
Stranger: is m emal
You: including you?
You: tnx
Stranger: it is not easy to remember all the events as to the exact detail to how it worked out
Stranger: it was a very large event
You: I can imagine... but you said a huge light, and nobody noticed it?
Stranger: this is out in the middle of the farm country..closes house was about a mile away
Stranger: this was about 1:30 in the morning
Stranger: there is no way i can prove it happening to anyone
Stranger: and i really do not want to duplicate it again eather
You: I dont want to be mean, but I have a frend who is allways making up stories like this, so I find this hard to believe and allso I know how to make such efects in a computer
Stranger: oh ya computer stuff you can fake it all
You: yes I can :D
Stranger: you do video animations?
You: and I woud like to, so Im getherin info :D
You: got some shorts on youtube
Stranger: cool, i am just getting into video now
Stranger: i do linux stuff
You: linux is great, but you can make much nicer stuff in other programs than those default to linux...
You: but let me know just one more thing about your drive-jump
Stranger: i use mandriva, it has a ton of stuff on it
You: what did actualy cause the jump? did it come from you, or did you have some kind of divice?
Stranger: i used energy from those who wanted to see me dead, and used energy from those who wanted me alive and went between the two
You: yeah thats the teory, but phisicaly
You: where did it bursted from at the place
Stranger: the stuff that i do cant be duplicated scientifically cause the events that cause it only happen once the same way
You: ok, Im asking you how did it happen
You: not to do it aggain
Stranger: ok, there is allot i cant tell you basically
Stranger: because it was very large and if others tried it the same way i did it there could be some serous problems
You: ok, basicaly, you have told me, where did you geather the energy, but where did you unleach it? how?
Stranger: in fact you bring up some questions now....
Stranger: energy is everywhere
Stranger: you can just pull it out everything
You: whit your mind?
Stranger: you go center earth, then galexy then center galexy, back to earth solar system then back to earth and you basically have enough to take out a few stars if you arnt carefull
You: in your head.... ok... so how did you unleash it? you just fouth like: "NOW!" and it happened?
Stranger: well you cant just go out and play with that kind of stuff like that.. you absoutly need a catalist to have it happen
You: now you have said I was thinking about :D what did you use as a catalist?
Stranger: a 90 foot drop off.. lol
You: so kinetical energy plus trained mind = teleportation?
You: werry simply put ofcourse
Stranger: ya,and allot of meditation and pre planning
You: cool :D
Stranger: it was all a test.. like if i wanted to do a test to see if i can teleport i will plan ahead some times for months to use it on a specific day or week
Stranger: bad thing is that when you build energy like this, electronics do not work very well when you are around them
You: have you heard about that Project Manhatan I mentioned?
Stranger: mautauk?
Stranger: is that the one?
Stranger: wait i miss spelled it. . mauntauk
You: Im not sure... US army was trying to make a stealth ship, that you woudnt be able to see whit your eyes
Stranger: ah that one yes..
Stranger: yes a have read allot about it
You: but instead they have teleported it fo mexican waters and back
Stranger: who knows i may know more than they do about stuff like this
You: they have allso witnessed a light, green one
Stranger: hey take a trip to the usa and i can show you some very strange things that happen here
Stranger: i guarentee you will feel a energy shift when you get to this ariea
Stranger: 5 points of energy convergence
Stranger: everyone in this town knows it is a very strange place to live.. lol
You: well there are manny interesting places in slovakia too
Stranger: i would love to travel to find them all
You: for example our cappital have werry little hauses that have nobody who was killed in them
You: or our parlament lies in a middle, the exact centre of a werry bad psy field... dont remember the type of the waves
You: and you will be welcomed I think :D
You: by bread and salt

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